Understanding the relative clause in English Grammar

In learning English, when you use compound sentences with who, which, where, and such you don’t need to think about it for a long time now by understanding relative clause. On the other hand, visit britishlifeskills.com whenever you want to take the English exam to acquire the UK visa legally.

To compile a sentence, at least a subject, predicate and object are needed. If you want to hone your ability to make compound sentences, it requires a conjunction to clarify the next sentence. In English, there are who, which, where, who have their own functions. Not much different from relative pronouns actually, this can be used in more complex sentences.

Make sure you learn relative clause so that you can ask questions easily in English. Although many English and Americans can understand imperfect English, it will be much better and more comfortable if you master this grammar so you can talk to them without feeling confused. Furthermore, by speaking with their language fluently, you will be able to show them more respect whenever you’re having a nice conversation with them.