The Unique Facts About Instagram And Its Popularity

When you choose social media marketing services to add followers and likes of your account, you may also wonder how it can be a popular platform for social media. As a platform that is somewhat successful to attract many users, in 2018 Instagram is still considered going superpower with a lot more users. On the other hand, the owners of social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter have partially concentrated on raising their IG accounts and start migrating in large numbers, so the fact of Instagram users is inevitable.


With Instagram growing and growing, it is inevitable that the influence of its users is enormous. Have you ever thought that the usual Instagram you use even every day is a network of social media that has some unique facts?

– At least, from Instagram uploaded to an app store like google play and apple store, there are already approximately 40 million items uploaded by its users. This makes Instagram even more like a Shutterstock for pop.

– Until the end of 2017, there are approximately 200 million users reached by Instagram. The facts of Instagram users ultimately illustrate how powerful Instagram is to become a new lifestyle of netizens around the world.

– The average use of hashtags will increase the engagement of photos posted reaching 12 percent. Unfortunately, this trait is not accumulative with how many hashtags are posted.

– For female and female Instagram users, Brazil is number one in Latin America. As for the worldwide, female Instagram users in Brazil are still number two after the United States.

– Instagram user fact is more astonishing is when Instagram launched first, in less than 24 hours there are 5 million videos, not including photos uploaded by its users around the world!

– Engagement, Instagram users who post the video will get a bigger engagement to reach 2 times more than that upload photos or demographics. This is not yet included with the existence of the embedded hashtag.

– The most surprising fact about Instagram users is that the average influencer around the world will get endorse costs of up to the US $ 100,000 for sponsored postings. It’s just that the great value will fall in average if the influencer is not a celebrity or do not have many followers.