These are some of the things that mobile users feel

Maybe when asked, what items you should not forget in the present, the answer is the phone. No one can escape from their cell phones in the present. There are many reasons why mobile phones are so important in the eyes of many people. However, if you plan to buy a new phone and still confused where to buy phone, then you can visit the mobile phone sales center on the internet for more details.

Have a cell phone, then there are many things that you feel. In fact, there are some things that are only felt by those who have a mobile phone and can not get away from the phone. some of these things are

– Panic when the phone battery is running low
Because the phone is everything, then you can not do anything without the phone in your hands. So, every time your cell phone battery is running low, then you will feel panic and look for power bank so that your cell phone battery can be refilled. Because, usually if the phone died, then you will suddenly lazy, not focused, and sometimes have a very bad mood.

– Never leave the phone
Many people never leave their phones. In fact, when they go to the toilet the phone remains in the grip. Many reasoned they wanted to listen to music in their shower room or toilet. No wonder if many cases concerning the fall of the phone in the bathroom.

– Social media is the key
Whatever you are doing and whatever you eat, you must share it on social media. This may be a form of identifying the identity of many people in the present. For that, you will not let your phone in a dead state or run out of battery so you can still exist in your social media and get lots of friends there.