Be Careful! This is Some Steps How to Care Standing Mixer

The existence of a mixer stand now is already an electronic device that is often found in the kitchen. Various types of mixer stand brands have been produced. One of the mixer stands that is often used is KitchenAid. This stand mixer has the advantage of a long durability and can stir the cake mixture well. But that won’t happen if we don’t take good care of it.

The mixer stand must also be treated and cleaned after use. This will affect the period of time the object is used. Next, we give some tips on caring for the mixer stand:

– Clean regularly
You can use a soft cloth, or even a wet cloth to clean the mixer body until it’s completely clean. In the meantime, for the baton player itself, you can clean it with water that has been mixed with dishwashing soap. Please clean all components and equipment of the stand mixer that has been used from the remnants of the stick that is attached. Never postpone until the remaining dirt of the dough turns into rust or rust.

– Save well
If not in use, please keep the stand mixer well in the safest place, and keep it out of the reach of children. You can store this mixer stand in a dry place, because the mixer stand is quite vulnerable to temperature conditions, and the environment is not suitable. Also avoid storing it in a damp, wet or dusty place.

– Avoid shocks
Please guard the mixer stand and avoid the risk of the mixer body falling or slamming. Do not let your stand mixer be hit by hard objects, because this will damage the electrical components of the mixer as well as the body of the mixer. Fold and roll the cord and arrange it in the box as before.

– Don’t use rough objects
Do not use paper or other rough objects to clean your mixer stand. Because this will only damage and erode the surface of the mixer equipment. Microfiber cloths and spray bottles also contain a mixture of water and soap you can use. In addition to this, lubricate the gears with lubricating oil to smooth the mixer movement.