Save Your Bag Properly With These Several Ways

As an item that is always needed, the bag must be properly maintained and stored. This is because the bag you have will become damaged or even moldy if you don’t store it properly. Especially for women, bags become one of the mandatory items that are always owned. Not infrequently, many of them are choosing ladies briefcase with great care to keep up their looks.

Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that are still made when storing the bag. The following are some tips for storing bags.

– Don’t hang the bag
We recommend that the bag not is hung for a long time because it will damage the handle strap. Even if you use a hanger, the bag can change shape especially if the bag is heavy.

– Store the bag in a cool place
Make sure the bag is kept in a dark and cool place. How to save like this will keep the bag in perfect condition.

– Do not let the bag exposed to the sun because the sunlight will make the color fade and skin peel.
If this has happened, it will be difficult to restore the bag to its original state.

– Store the bag over the soft material
If possible add a soft material at the bottom of the bag storage to avoid scratches or other possible damage.

– Fill the inside of the bag
If you don’t want the shape of the bag to change, fill in the parts in the test with a few plastic rolls or used magazine paper. You can also use a shoe box as the inside contents of the bag.
If you want to use old newspapers, make sure they are not used in a light-colored bag because it is feared that ink stains fade into the inside of the bag and this stain will be difficult to remove.

– Arrange storage bags based on usage time
If your place is possible, store the bag based on how often you use the bag.
You can store bags for every day on the front and store small bags that are commonly used for formal events such as weddings in the back of the closet.