Know the characteristics of bone cancer

In general, bone cancer is divided into 2 types of secondary bone cancer and primary bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is a bone cancer induced by cancer cells obtained from other organs and spread to the bone, for example, lung cancer that spreads to bone and becomes bone cancer. If you need to understand more about cancer, you can visit hope4cancer.

The most common types of cancers that can spread to the bones are lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. While primary bone cancer is a bone cancer caused by cancer cells derived from bone. Primary bone cancer cases are less common than secondary bone cancers. Until now, the cause of bone cancer cannot be known with certainty.

Symptoms of bone cancer include bone pain, the presence of a mass or lump in the bone and surrounding tissue affected by cancer, fever, chills, night sweats, and weight loss can occur.

The characteristics of bone cancer or bone cancer symptoms consist of several important phases, including:

1. Pain
The most common signs of bone cancer are in the spine will be painful on the neck or back. The pain will be persistent and accompanied by other symptoms. This injury can be only in the back, can also spread to other limbs. If cancer causes a small amount of inflammation and irritation, the pain usually stays behind. If the cancer is pressing on the nerve, the pain diffuses out into the corresponding “limb”. No matter the source of pain, spinal cancer causes chronic discomfort.

2. Weakness
If cancer places enough for the pressure on the nerve, a person will suffer from weakness. This is largely due to impulse disorders of the spine. If cancer causes major inflammation in the back, the brain is no longer able to communicate well with the foot. As a result, the sufferer may find it difficult to walk, carry, grab something, or hold on.