Tricks to get the SEO-friendly articles

For most people to write writing articles there will be a fear of later articles can not be accepted by search engines so can not maximize SEO. For a website, SEO Friendly is very important to get a rating and stay on the page deapn search engine. Until now the front page of a search engine or Google became the biggest and promising opportunity to get website visitors. Therefore it takes content that can improve SEO Friendly. Here are some steps you can take to get SEO Friendly articles. Apart from that, check out the trusted and licensed Charles Brian International SEO service for improving your online sales and traffic.


Light Bulb.

Relevant Content

Google is a machine so it is difficult to manipulate a content in order to be in the main halalam. Thus use the content or content of a quality website in material and writing. Of course, use keywords relevant to those required by Google. Thus the article can be accepted and get optimization from Google to stay on the main page. How to get the relevant content is surely by doing various research to find the most needed and most searched keywords by internet users.

Provide Article Description in the Beginning

User experience is a visitor deadline when opening a website page. To get sympathy from internet users, of course, include the existing reviews on the website briefly. Thus visitors do not need a long time to understand the essence to be conveyed on the website. In addition, the description makes Google make it as a snippet on the front page. With this snippet is likely to increase the presence of visitors on the website page.

Do not Repeat Keyword

Stop to spread keywords throughout the article because Google can assume that the article created is just spam or non-quality content. Many people who think more and more keywords in an article then the better when exactly the opposite. That’s why for enough keywords mentioned 3 to 5 times in one article. Repetition of keywords will only make the website not considered by Google because it does not have the quality of SEO Friendly articles.