The basics in the foundations building

A building construction project, after a land investigation is held, then the main work that must be done is foundation work. Before starting the work, it is necessary to stipulate the provisions regarding the building, where the building will be erected, the size and shape of the building, the condition of the land, material materials and labor available in the area. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended concrete crack repair near you, just in case you need the professional’s service.

After all of this was known, a plan drawing was made as a guideline for the implementation of development, then a barracks was set up for workers and materials (wood, cement, iron, and sand) and building tools.

Foundation work

For the foundation work, the first thing to do is land clearing for buildings, measurement, and installation of bow plank boards and continued with soil excavation work for foundations.

Bouwank Board Work

1. Definition and function of the bow plank board

Bouwplank boards function to make points as buildings in accordance with the building plan drawings needed to determine the path/direction of the foundation and also as a basis for height/ level/peel determination of floor height in a house with a road surface.

2. Installation of billboard boards

The installation process of BOWPLank boards has the following stages:

Area measurement of the building plan

Measurement work here is intended to measure the area of the building that will be constructed.

Installation of billboard boards

At first the installation of the peg as a boarding foot with a distance of about 15-20 cm from the edge of the foundation excavation (if not too close to the excavation so it is not easily separated).

Stakes are mounted perpendicular and are not easy to falter or lose

The bow plank board is nailed to each stake with its height as a floor face level ± 0.00 (the floor face is usually between 30-50 cm above the ground depending on the surrounding soil condition, and the bow plank board is also nailed or painted as a guide as a building /Foundation.

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