The standard river stone foundation for a house

The foundation of the building is a part of the building that functions to receive the burden of the building to be conveyed to the subgrade, there are several types of foundation depending on the condition of the soil and the type of building that exists. Aside from that, you can also check out the free foundation repair estimate in Austin TX.


Here will be discussed about the type of foundation in the form of stone pair foundation, this foundation is commonly used for 1-story buildings with standard construction (types of loads, namely: walls to tile roofs with good soil conditions).

Stages in implementation:


Demolition and Cleaning.

Job clearing is done by removing grass/soil, garbage or other disruptive material, cutting down trees and pulling out the roots and throwing out the location.

The soil excavation for the foundation is adjusted to the size in the image or until the soil is hard. If needed to compress good carrying capacity, the excavation base must be compacted / ground.

The excavation products used for stockpiling must be lifted directly to the planned place. Whereas the results of excavations that cannot be used for landfill must be removed.

The price of the work unit must include all costs of work, cleaning, equipment rental, stockpiling and disposal of excavated products.


The foundation of the building used is the stone/mountain foundation that meets the technical requirements or according to the conditions in the field.

The foundation pair is from stone, the size of the foundation in accordance with the plan drawings of foundation stone or split stone with adhesive 1pc: 3kp: 10 ps and then coarsely plastered, the bottom of the foundation is installed 20 cm thick blank stone with the sash on the dug sand side, doused with water until it is full and pounded until it is solid and even.

Large cracks between the stones are filled with small stones that match the solid.
Stone foundation pairs do not touch each other and there are always glues between them until the meeting.

In the stone pair, the iron anchor must be prepared for the column, the depth of the anchor 30 cm must be cast and the length of the iron that appears above it is at least 75 cm.

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