This Is How To Identify Is Your SEO Running Optimal Or Conversely

Someone who uses SEO certainly wants their business to grow and their company website is on the first page of search engines. This certainly requires quality SEO services so that these goals are achieved. One that you can choose is new york seo. With quality SEO services, your goal of displaying the company’s website on the first page of the search engine will be achievable.

If you have used SEO in your business, and want to find out whether the SEO has gone well and how far you get. So, identify the results of SEO in some of these ways.

1. Position on the search engine page
The first thing that you have to do is to see if the position of the website or online store has got the best position on the search result in search engine for the targeted keyword. As well as the position of your website, it shows that the SEO process that you are using has been done very well. You don’t have to get position 1 in the search engine, but clearly your website must be on the first page of the search engine.

2. The keyword optimization results that you use
Here, you can see with what keywords internet users search on search engines that will then bring up your website in the search results. Usually, Longan with the number of times the website appears with the keywords that you set. And how many times click on the keyword that is being searched.

3. Traffic to the website
After that, you can make observations on your website traffic, then make a comparison with the traffic in the previous month. There are enough free tools to monitor this traffic, but KlikSEO itself is more recommending using Google Analytics which has more complete features.

With these three main ways, then you can identify whether the SEO that you are using has worked optimally for the business.

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